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It’s Too Bad We’re Not Horses

Bird Box Review

Bird Box | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I tend to steer clear of the films that make the most noise, the films that everyone claims are “the best I’ve ever seen.” More often than not, I am sorely disappointed. Disappointed that the films most certainly do not live up to the hype, and, more strongly, disappointed in the gross exaggeration of the people making those types of declarations. Alas, I am only human, and I can only drown out the masses for so long. I had to [...]

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And I Just Drive

Gravity Review

You guys may be asking yourselves why a movie of this caliber is being reviewed on a website called ‘Repulsive Reviews.’ Well, it’s simple really. Alfonso Cuarón’s award winning “Gravity” is as much of a survival horror film as it is a stunning visual masterpiece.

Right from the start, we are treated with gorgeous scenery and what seems to be some lighthearted, every day, run-of-the-mill occurrences for a crew who happen to be doing work outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. [...]

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