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Just Start…From the Start

Without Warning Review

Without Warning

There’s nothing I love more than finding a movie that has been lost in obscurity for a couple of decades. When an old film that never really got the respect it deserved finds a brand new audience, it’s a beautiful thing. With companies like Shout! Factory getting the rights, cleaning them up and putting them back out for the world to rediscover, we couldn’t really ask for much more.

Greydon Clark (Uninvited, Black Shampoo) released Without Warning [...]

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That Would be Just Fine

Darkman Review

It never ceases to amaze me how many great films have slipped right under my radar. Especially films made by some of my favorite directors. Thanks to the ever-growing library of films distributed by Shout! Factory, I finally get a chance to not only see some of those films, but to also see them in their best presentations to date.

Darkman is one of the most overall entertaining films I’ve seen in a good while. It has something for everyone [...]

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