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I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine Review

I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine

Whenever someone asks to me rattle off a list of my favorite horror films, it’s a rather difficult task. I can’t really pinpoint a ‘Top Five’ or even ‘Top 10’ films that I can say are better than any other five, 10, or even 100. Sure, there are films that I absolutely love, films that I can watch over and over again without losing interest in one bit. One of those films is Rob Zombie’s masterpiece, The Devil’s Rejects. [...]

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It’s Happening Again

Sharknado 2: The Second One Review

Sharknado 2

It was rather hard to ignore the commotion created by last year’s SyFy channel event, Sharknado. Still, with all of that fracas, I managed to steer clear of the made-for-TV movie about sharks and tornadoes. With the major push that came about for the film’s sequel, my interest was definitely increasing. While I missed out the on live television premiere, I couldn’t help but read what people had to say on their blogs, YouTube channels, etc. The time has [...]

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Too Much Dangerous

The Dead 2 Review

For the longest time, I read about how great the film, The Dead, was. I finally caved, a couple of months back, and decided to give it a watch. I was deeply saddened by my experience because I was extremely bored and never got to any point in the film where I felt it reached its hype. In fact, I disliked it so much, that I just turned it off half way through. I decided to give the Ford [...]

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I’m Not Just Dangerous to Myself

Cabin Fever Patient Zero Review

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

I try my best to not have the same movie reviewed multiple times on the site. With only a few duplicates out of over 240 reviews, I’d say I’m doing a pretty good job of that. Sometimes, however, it is certainly worth it, in my opinion, to get different views on a specific title. If you read Roger’s review of the film, you’d know he wasn’t a big fan of Kaare Andrews’ installment in what has now become a [...]

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Bet Your Life

Wolf Creek 2 Review

Wolf Creek 2

It is well documented, at this point, that I have the worst memory ever. I can’t remember a lot of stuff from films unless I try really hard to force it to stay in my memory bank. Because of this, I recall almost nothing from my viewing experience of Wolf Creek years ago. What I do remember is that I did not like it as much as I had expected. Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek 2, however, is one of [...]

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I Think Penny’s Sick

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Review

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

In my personal opinion, Eli Roth is one of the best directors this genre has to offer. I enjoyed his film Cabin Fever very much. The cast, directing, and gore were amazing and still hold up to this day. With that being said, his film has now spawned two sequels that lower the benchmark each time. The newest being Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, which was directed by Kaare Andrews.

I had very high hopes for this outing and should [...]

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