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I Don’t Wanna be the Wolf Man

Malevolence Review

Malevolence poster

Watching horror films is a humbling hobby. No matter how many films you cross off of your watch list, there are always countless others that you will most likely never even hear of. One film that has managed to go completely under my radar for over 15 years is Stevan Mena’s Malevolence.

The Plot

A group of down-on-their-luck delinquents are in need of some major cash. After a bank robbery and subsequent getaway goes awry, the gang meet up [...]

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This is for Tupac

Child's Play Review

Child's Play poster

If you’ve following the site for any bit of time or have read even a handful of my previous reviews from over the past six or so years, you should have a pretty firm grasp on how I feel about remakes. Unlike most genre fans, I do not despise reboots of our favorite flicks from the past. On the contrary, more often than not, I quite enjoy them. The latest to add to the growing list of enjoyable re-imaginings is [...]

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Let’s Take Off Your Mask

Haunt Review

Haunt poster

From time to time, there are horror flicks that garner a lot of attention. They are touted as being “the best” or some other overly exaggerated term that disregards all of the other “best” movies that came before. I generally get pretty frustrated with these because, more often than not, I do not agree with those powerful opinions. One of the latest making a commotion amongst fans is Haunt, directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Guys, this movie [...]

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This is the Real Deal

The Ice Cream Truck Review

The Ice Cream Truck poster

Even though the last few I’ve watched were less than enjoyable, I still get excited for a new slasher flick to enter my grasp. I really needed a fun one to get the bad taste out of my mouth; Was Megan Freels Johnston’s The Ice Cream Truck the indie slasher to do it?

The Plot

Mary moves back to her small hometown and has some time to kill before the rest of her family joins her. It doesn’t take long [...]

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Don’t Be Fooled by His Name

My Little Sister Review

My Little Sister movie review

On paper, it doesn’t seem difficult to create an effective slasher film. Like most horror sub-genres, there are a few key elements to the proper formula that, if followed precisely, should ensure a good film experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when it comes to independent filmmaking. The most recent evidence I have of this is Maurizio and Roberto del Piccolo’s My Little Sister.

The Plot

Sheila and Tom are meeting their friends in the woods for a [...]

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Why Did We Come Here?

Rust Review

Rust movie review

For most horror fans, there is nothing more exciting than finding new films in your favorite sub-genre. A lot of hardcore collectors and film viewers probably feel like they’ve “seen it all” already, so the promise of a new experience from a new filmmaker is always intriguing. Unfortunately, there are times when some films are better left undiscovered. That just so happens to be the case with Joe Lujan’s Rust.

The Plot

After Heather barely escapes an abandoned haunted [...]

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