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Now You Really Have No…

Tales From the Crypt Review

Tales From the Crypt

I believe it was around Christmas time last year, perhaps in January even, I got my hands on DVD sets of complete seasons of the television show, Tales From the Crypt. I remember seeing episodes I never knew existed and enjoying them for the very first time. One of these great tales was “And All Through the House” about an escaped maniac who was running around in a Santa Claus outfit. Interestingly enough, this same story, taken from the [...]

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My Nipples Are Smokin’

Demon Knight Review

Demon Knight

Some movies stick with us through our youth only to be revisited time and time again at different stages of our lives. Some remain as captivating and as charming as the first time we saw them, while others leave us scratching our heads saying, “What the hell was I thinking?” I’ve always had a soft spot for Tales From the Crypt and all of its various outings. I personally find that they still contain all the magic they once had. [...]

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