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The Return of the Cox!

Stan Against Evil Season One Guest Review

Stan Against Evil | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Television

In competition with Ash vs Evil Dead, IFC released the first season of Stan Against Evil. There are many similar concepts between both shows — An older gentleman begrudgingly battles evil forces all the while spouting witty dialogue. Not saying I don’t totally dig both shows, they are both a lot of fun and they will fit nicely in my DVD collection together someday.

Stan Against Evil does feel a bit more fast-paced with the quick cuts and [...]

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The Gecko Brothers Ride Again

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series - Season One Review

From Dusk Till Dawn The Series Season One

We’ve all seen film remakes and even those remakes that were presented in a television mini-series format (see Rosemary’s Baby), but in recent years, we’ve seen the tides turn a little bit. Instead of your straight reboot scenarios, we are seeing filmmakers and producers taking their work to television. With episodic series like Bates Motel, we are diving deeper into the stories behind some of the horror genre’s cult classics. The most recent example of this is the [...]

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