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Where’s Your Cape, Drac?

Effects Review

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This year has been a rather somber one for horror fans. We’ve lost a lot of influential contributors to the genre including the great filmmaker, George A. Romero. Now, this isn’t a review about a film from the man who perhaps singlehandedly created the zombie sub-genre, but it does have some very deep ties to him and his early filmmaking days.  Close friends and repeat collaborators of Romero’s made a little known film in the late 70’s that, hopefully, until [...]

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Boobs, Bongs, and Boogers

Cool as Hell Review

Are you a fan of Troma-esque entertainment? If the answer is yes, I have a nifty little gem in store for you. If the answer is no… I still may be able to convince you to have a good time with James Balsamo’s film “Cool As Hell.” If you could roll Lloyd Kaufman, Sam Raimi, and Kevin Smith into one filmmaker, you would probably get James Balsamo. Slapstick and sarcasm baby… and it works for “Cool As Hell.”

The plot [...]

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