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You Find the Devil Where It’s Dark

Bram Stoker's Shadow Builder Review

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There are few authors who are synonymous with the horror genre. In modern times, we have the likes of Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Older names consist of Mary Shelley with her story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster and, similarly, Bram Stoker with Dracula. Abraham Stoker wrote many more stories, however.  In 1998, over 100 years after its original publication, one short in particular was turned into a feature film, Jamie Dixon’s Bram Stoker’s Shadow Builder.

An underground [...]

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He Has Arrived

Dead of the Nite Review

S.J. Evans Dead of the Nite is a low-budget film from Midnight Releasing. It’s a pretty solid film blending found footage, paranormal investigation, and the slasher genre all into one.

Genre fans will be happy to see Tony Todd doing another wonderfully macabre character as Ruber, the caretaker. He is great as always, stealing every scene he is involved in. The film picks up the day after our cast is brutally murdered. The story is reminiscent of The Last Broadcast [...]

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