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Don’t Touch That

247 Degrees Review

247 Degrees

Have you ever sat in a sauna to cut weight? Well, I have and while it can be incredibly relaxing, it can quickly turn into a claustrophobic nightmare, making you panic and just need to get out. I’ve always thought that there was a horror movie somewhere in or around a sauna and apparently so did directors Levan Bakhia and Beqa Jguburia. Their film, 247 Degrees, is a nasty little movie with a small setting and plenty of tension. [...]

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Like a Male Penguin

ATM Review

I read tons of negative reviews about this film, but David Brooks’ 2012 thriller, “ATM,” isn’t really all that bad.

The movie actually starts off really strong, introducing us to characters David and Corey played by Brian Geraghty and Josh Peck, respectively. I love how these two characters interact with each other and each actors’ performance seems very natural. It is a welcome change from most horror films similar to this one. Josh Peck has come a long way since [...]

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