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Counter Parts Team Review

Patrick Rea’s short film Counter Parts is already making noise winning “Best Short” at its very first screening. Counter Parts is reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode and is executed flawlessly. The story revolves around two sisters with a bond, and an even deeper resentment.

Patrick Rea is no stranger to the genre either with many short films to his credit and the Lionsgate released Nailbiter. Counter Parts is well-crafted and does better in 10 minutes than most films do in 90. The tides are turning and we may just have to make room for some new masters of horror…. and Patrick Rea will be among them.

This short film gets the Rottin’ Roger Demarco seal of approval with 4 voodoo dolls out of 5.

If Tales From the Darkside wants to make a comeback, they need to hire Patrick Rea to write, edit, and/or direct a few of their episodes. Rea was able to take a 10 minute short and have more success than most feature length films could even dream of.

The story is short and sweet, but is still able to get its point across. Counter Parts is of the finest quality in every aspect, including acting, storytelling, and overall production value.

Independents and major studios take note. You want Patrick Rea working for you! I give Counter Parts 4 sisters out of 5.


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