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Give Us a Sign

Moontrap Review


I usually like my sci-fi flicks to have good amounts of gore and to feature some creepy looking aliens or creatures. If it’s not taking place in an outerspace setting, then there has to be some sort of really neat looking machines or robots. Well, what about a movie that tries to combine the two ideas by presenting an ancient alien race of robots!? That’s exactly what we get with Robert Dyke’s 1989 science fiction outing, Moontrap.

Moontrap stars [...]

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I Feel Like John F*ckin Wayne!

Maniac Cop 2 Review

My favorite sequels in any genre are the ones that continue right where the previous installment left off. That is the exact method used by William Lustig in his second film of the killer cop series, Maniac Cop 2.

In true slasher form, Matt Cordell returns from a watery grave to continue his killing spree in this 1990 sequel. This film had everything I loved from the first and was still able to bring more to the table. Bruce [...]

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Feast on This, Mother F*cker!

Evil Dead Review

As soon as the word ‘remake’ is uttered, horror fans immediately get their angry faces on and start to protest. I can understand that mentality to a certain extent, but I always make sure to at least give the films a chance to speak for themselves before jumping on the hatred bandwagon. The funny thing is, most remakes I watch usually turn out pretty good. One of my favorites in this remake, reboot, and re-imagining trend is most certainly Fede [...]

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Yo, She-bitch…Let’s Go

Army of Darkness Guest Review

If you are going to watch “Army of Darkness,” I would assume that you already know that it is the third installment in the “Evil Dead” series directed by Sam Raimi. However, if you are not aware of this, and if it wasn’t for the three-minute recap of the first two movies, you wouldn’t really know that this is a part of that series. The first two “Evil Dead” films were so similar to each other, whereas this movie takes [...]

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I’m Just Crazy About This Store

Intruder Guest Review

Though it had great potential, being the same creators as the Evil Dead series, Intruder (1989) just fell flat. Written and Directed by Scott Spiegel, the storyline is original because not many horror movies take place in supermarkets. However, the dialogue is so cheesy that it cannot be taken seriously and the acting is poor. The only actor that really sold his role is the killer, played by Dan Hicks. His facial expressions, mannerisms, and tone of voice are right [...]

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