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Liberate Te Ex Inferis!

Event Horizon Review

Event Horizon

Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill are amongst my favorite actors. Neill for his roles in The Omen series, Jurassic Park, and In the Mouth of Madness has always stuck out as a believable portrayer of tense situations. King of New York was my introduction to Laurence Fishburne aka Jimmy Jump, and then I don’t have to tell you that you can find him or his work across the spectrum of film, play, and T.V. work. In Event Horizon, [...]

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Now Who’s Pathetic?

The Craft Review

The Craft

The mid-nineties tale of a high school coven has yet to lose its luster, nearly 20 years after its original release. It almost received a sequel, but thankfully that never blossomed, leaving the ending neatly sealed. Despite the rumors of a potential remake/sequel/reboot, I’m hoping they leave this one alone. Would a movie that echoes Clueless with Buffy peppered in fair well now? It wouldn’t. It wasn’t groundbreaking movie making, but it’s fun and relentless in its own methods. The [...]

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All is Only Ever Transformed

Salem: Season One Review


WGA America is known for their choice re-run roster — How I Met Your Mother, Walker Texas Ranger, and Parks & Recreation amongst others, predominately. As their first original scripted show, they ordered a 13 episode run that was received very well amongst fans that had begun under the working title Malice. Salem’s reception echoes the success of Hemlock Grove as critics didn’t quite grasp what many fans of the horror genre were able to see the [...]

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Terror-Byte Vol. 1

Alien: Isolation Video Game Review

Alien: Isolation

Isolation is the latest in a long line of Alien based games that began with the Fox-produced Atari release in 1982. With every addition to the franchise cinematographically, there were follow-ups across many platforms including mobile devices. However, taking a look back at the majority of these releases, nothing remotely stands out as highly memorable. Last year, we experienced Colonial Marines, which was panned by critics as many of the other games have in the past, failing to capture [...]

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This is My House!

The Babadook Guest Review

The Babadook

The 2005 short film, “Monster,” gets a full treatment and Jennifer Kent (director and writer) couldn’t have unleashed it at a better time, daring to stray from the canon possession tale of the slew of spooky, ghostly features (more Paranormal Activities, Oculus, The Conjuring spin-offs, etc.) Already the winner of several awards (AACTA, Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award), there is no excuse to deny The Babadook. It will only make it stronger.

Australian Best [...]

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Happy, Happy, Happy

The Last Days on Mars Guest Review

Clive Dawson’s screenplay adaption of the short “The Animators” submerges us into a desolate atmosphere we’ve experienced in classics like “The Thing.” Isolation has been a powerful tool in sci-fi works and debuting director Ruairi Robinson uses it strongly in order to create a thick sense of distress amongst the crew, before we are introduced to the graver dangers that are cosmic zombies. I had read about this movie prior to it’s release and despite being part of the Liev [...]

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