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I Wore Long Underwear

It! The Terror From Beyond Space Review

It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Although I have not had the opportunity to watch a lot of the great sci-fi flicks of the 50’s, I am well aware of the impact they have had on the science fiction and horror genres. Thanks to Olive Films, I am now glad to say that I own one of these space flicks from yesteryear in my collection with one of their latest releases, Edward L. Cahn’s It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Believed to have killed his [...]

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I Don’t Think That’s Mark

Almost Human Team Review

Almost Human

Joe Begos‘ film Almost Human really caught me off guard the other day, when I sat down to watch it. Admittedly, I was expecting a low-budget alien film with crap-tastic creature effects, shoddy CGI, and all around poor production value. What I got instead was a gnarly little hybrid of Fire in the Sky, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Friday the 13th.

Joe is certainly a scholar in all things horror and it’s obvious when [...]

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They Won’t Let Me

Absence Review

Working not only on this site, but also for the news site, Horror-Movies.ca, I think I have a pretty good finger on the pulse of the horror community and the films that are coming out or were just released. Even with all the ‘research’ I do for these sites, lots of films still slip past me. Luckily, there are services like Netflix to offer up some of them. One that seemed to go right under my radar, for whatever reason, [...]

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Happy, Happy, Happy

The Last Days on Mars Guest Review

Clive Dawson’s screenplay adaption of the short “The Animators” submerges us into a desolate atmosphere we’ve experienced in classics like “The Thing.” Isolation has been a powerful tool in sci-fi works and debuting director Ruairi Robinson uses it strongly in order to create a thick sense of distress amongst the crew, before we are introduced to the graver dangers that are cosmic zombies. I had read about this movie prior to it’s release and despite being part of the Liev [...]

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In This Quiet Solitude…

The Bridgewater Triangle Review

I have always enjoyed watching documentaries, especially those dealing with anything horror-related. When I was approached to watch and review Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare’s “The Bridgewater Triangle,” I jumped at the chance!

The Bridgewater Triangle is a region located in the Southeastern portion of Massachusetts. Within this triangularly marked off area, occurrences of strange phenomena has been reported for over 30 years. What kind of strange phenomena? Anything you can think of! According to this documentary, there have been [...]

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