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You’ll Never See Home

The Last Days on Mars Review

Being a fan of films like The Thing and Alien, I am always looking for the next great title that combines the best of both the horror and science fiction genres. There have been a few good ones over the past couple of years, but none quite like Ruairi Robinson’s The Last Days on Mars.

The crew aboard the Tantalus have been on a Mars mission for the past six months. With less than one day remaining, protocols [...]

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Happy, Happy, Happy

The Last Days on Mars Guest Review

Clive Dawson’s screenplay adaption of the short “The Animators” submerges us into a desolate atmosphere we’ve experienced in classics like “The Thing.” Isolation has been a powerful tool in sci-fi works and debuting director Ruairi Robinson uses it strongly in order to create a thick sense of distress amongst the crew, before we are introduced to the graver dangers that are cosmic zombies. I had read about this movie prior to it’s release and despite being part of the Liev [...]

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