He’s Cutting Up Them Fine Hooters!

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Review

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy poster

Growing up, I hated horror comedies. I couldn’t understand why anyone would try to mix humor and dread together into this strange amalgamation of emotions. As the years progressed, I ended up being introduced to a whole slew of films from this sub-genre that I actually quite enjoyed and my hatred slowly deteriorated. If done right, comedic horror films can be some of the best ones around. Read on as I discuss whether or not I still feel that way [...]

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See Ya, Champ

Mikey Review

Mikey poster

Having friends who love horror films just as much as you is great. You can discuss the stuff you love and hate with someone likeminded and even if your opinions differ, it’s usually a pretty good time. I will say that I don’t blatantly ignore my friends’ recommendations, but I do infact find it difficult to squeeze them in amongst the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other flicks I have on my to-watch list. As somewhat of a new record for [...]

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I Like Destroying Things

Retaliation Review

Retaliation poster

We all love horror. We even have our favorite sub-genre of horror, one that we just can’t get enough of. Personally, I go through phases; One month, I’ll watch nothing but slasher flicks. Another month, it’ll be just found footage films for yours truly. Still, there is one sub-genre that I will never say no to. That is the revenge film. For this reason alone, I could not pass up the opportunity to watch Ludwig and Paul Shammasian’s Retaliation. [...]

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You Want to Eat People?!

Blood Quantum Review

Blood Quantum poster

Every horror fan knows the painful reality of being excited for a film, only to be let down with how terrible it actually is. Then there is the flip side to that devastating coin — we expect a film to be ‘just okay,’ something maybe worthy of one watch, which turns out to be amazing in almost every way. That, my friends, is how I feel about Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum.

The Plot

It starts with animals, but soon [...]

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He’s in a Good Place

Dead Dicks Review

Dead Dicks poster

I really thought that I was back on a nice, consistent schedule with my reviews, but here I am two weeks since my last. I didn’t really know what to throw on tonight, as I haven’t been much in the mood for films lately. Still, I managed to find something in the endless amounts of stacks I have laying around. Read on as I share with you my thoughts on Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer’s Dead Dicks.


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This is Just a Movie…

Cursed Films Review

Cursed Films poster

A huge part of growing up as a horror fan is word of mouth. Someone you know told you about a film that they randomly came across and insisted you also just have to see it. Sometimes, along with information about the particular film itself, came some interesting tidbits about something that may have happened on set, something that happened to a cast or crew member, etc. On occasion, these bits of trivia were just silly occurrences, but other times, [...]

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