The Pepperoni Always Sticks to my Ass

Curtains Team Review

To me, the epitome of the horror genre has always been slasher films. Sure, monsters and creatures are scary, but we know that stuff like that can never happen. With slashers, however, the danger is a little more realistic; it is always possible that a mysterious stalker could be watching and waiting to get you, at any moment. One such film that seems to get mentioned in discussion from time to time is Richard Ciupka’s Curtains.

On paper, the [...]

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Use Your Eyes

Wither Team Review

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund’s film Wither is certainly a familiar story. Released a mere four months after the Evil Dead remake, it’s safe to say no plagiarism was involved, but these two films are strikingly similar. I, however, feel that Wither is a superior film in many aspects.

Its gut-wrenchingly playful with its violence, and takes no time at all to deliver. The practical effects are nice and the blood flows in gallons. A few cgi shots can be [...]

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I Want These

Counter Parts Team Review

Patrick Rea’s short film Counter Parts is already making noise winning “Best Short” at its very first screening. Counter Parts is reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode and is executed flawlessly. The story revolves around two sisters with a bond, and an even deeper resentment.

Patrick Rea is no stranger to the genre either with many short films to his credit and the Lionsgate released Nailbiter. Counter Parts is well-crafted and does better in 10 minutes than most films [...]

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She’s Back in Heat

They Live Team Review

John Carpenter has pretty much always been regarded as one the greatest directors in the horror community. While I have seem some of his films that I think were overrated, there is no denying that a lot of his filmography really is outstanding.

The master of horror’s 1988 sci-fi action flick, They Live, utilizes the formula of that period perfectly. There’s a bunch of cheesy, yet great, one-liners, awesome 80’s action, creepy looking non-humans, and even Roddy Piper’s mullet! [...]

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F*ck You Infinity

You're Next Team Review

Just like any other sub-genre of horror, the home invasion school of film seems to have its ups and downs, its great entries and its terrible ones. After months of waiting, I finally got my hands on a copy of Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, and when I tell you that this film belongs on the great side of the spectrum, it is a huge understatement.

If you take Home Alone and The Strangers and mix them together, You’re Next [...]

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Won’t Come Off

13/13/13 Team Review

A few years back, I sat down and watched The Asylum’s release of 11/11/11, thinking I was watching Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11… yeah, I know, how silly of me to confuse the two! Well, apparently, this studio that releases awful, low budget knockoffs has been releasing these ‘doomed date’ movies (12/12/12 and so on) every year since then. Thankfully, last year’s installment, 13/13/13, is leaps and bounds better than 2011’s [and most likely 2012’s, too] failure. [...]

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