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It’s Not Summer, Monkey-head

Don't Breathe Review

Don't Breathe | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

It is a rare occurrence, but there are times when a new filmmaker pops onto the horror scene and immediately shows tons of promise, simply with only one film.  The film I’m specifically referring to is 2013’s Evil Dead, the filmmaker, of course, Fede Alvarez. The man already had two strikes against him — his feature-film debut is a remake (or is it a sequel?) and it just so happened to be a re[quel] of a cult favorite Sam [...]

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That’s When I’ll Come Inside

Hush Guest Review

Hush | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

“I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But I’m not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead…that’s when I’ll come inside.”

What’s worse than having a masked killer appear at your window when you’re completely isolated, living alone in the woods? Experiencing all of the above without the ability to hear anything. And that is where the heart-pounding thriller, Hush, from acclaimed writer and director, Mike Flanagan [...]

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…I Just Saw my First China Hole

Emelie Review

Emelie | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

There have been a string of really unique and creative home invasion films over the past few years. Movies including You’re Next, The Aggression Scale, and more recently Intruders and Hush have really livened up the sub-genre, making it an exciting experience every time. Luckily for fans of this style of horror, there continue to be more up and coming filmmakers who decide to take a stab at it. First-time feature director, Michael Thelin has done just that [...]

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There’s Something Else Going On

Intruders Review

Intruders | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

While the home invasion sub-genre has been around for quite some time, there have been numerous titles over the last few years that have helped elevate it to the next level. Films such as The Aggression Scale and You’re Next have upped the ante when it comes to creativity and excitement, adding entirely new elements to the popular home invasion formula. Another film that has managed to do just that is Adam Schindler’s Intruders.

Anna (Beth Riesgraf, TV’s “Leverage”) [...]

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This Place’ll Do Just Fine

Axe Review

Axe | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Almost every true horror fan is aware of the early 80’s list of banned films in the United Kingdom known as the video nasties. Slowly but surely, over the years, the films began to see the light of day, with almost every single one of the original 72 films being readily available on home release today. Thanks to studios like Severin who themselves are huge fans of the golden years of horror, we not only get home releases of the [...]

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It Was Free Pizza!

Knock Knock Review

Knock Knock | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Eli Roth is no stranger to pushing boundaries in his films, which comes as no surprise, seeing as how he got his start working for the notoriously
disgusting “Troma.” It’s very clear that he has a love for all sub-genres of horror; From Giallos to cannibal films, his knowledge and passion shine in all of his work. His newest film, Knock Knock, is probably the best film of 2015, if not his career. Since Eli Roth is already an [...]

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Scotland’s a Very Friendly Country

The Blood Lands Review

The Blood Lands

We all know that the horror genre actually contains a whole slew of sub-genres — from the ghostly and supernatural to the gruesome slashers. Quite frankly, some of these sub-genres are more effective than others because of the simple fact that they are more relatable. Sure, you might get a little frightened from a monster movie or a creature feature, but in the end, you know the events of that film will never actually happen. It is this exact reason [...]

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You’re My Girl

The Strangers Review

The Strangers

I can still remember the experience I had seeing Brian Bertino’s The Strangers in vivid detail — A carload of my closest friends and self-proclaimed horror-heads drove to the theater and eagerly awaited our visit from ‘The Strangers.’ Within minutes, I could feel the atmosphere around me getting tense. I didn’t bother to glance at any of my friends’ faces because I was too enthralled in the events that were unfolding in front of me, on the gigantic screen.

The [...]

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