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10 Cloverfield Lane Guest Review

10 Cloverfield Lane | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Tight spaces, frogs, and being kidnapped. Those are the things that encompass what I fear the most. However, aside from the occasional tight car ride or near-fatal bullfrog encounter, those fears are seldom reached. My comfort zone was all but obliterated the night I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane.

I consider myself a sensible man, when it comes to fictitious media. I’ve always been able to remind myself what I am viewing is not real, and continue viewing it without much issue. However, this movie gave me such a foreign level of uncomfort, that, weirdly enough, I enjoyed greatly.

Dan Trachtenberg’s 10 Cloverfield Lane takes place in the same universe as J.J. Abram’s older movie, Cloverfield. After a car accident, young Michelle wakes to find herself in a bunker with Howard, a man who refuses to let her leave, claiming there have been chemical attacks and the air has become unbreathable. The film features Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle and John Goodman as Howard, the owner and de facto leader of the bunker. The movie sets such an uneasy tone, as Michelle wishes to leave, yet Howard will not let her.

It’s stated that the world is uninhabitable, but the viewer can’t help but feel as if there are darker tones and ulterior motives. There was no better casting for Howard than John Goodman. He brings to life such a socially inept character that will have you constantly swinging between how you feel about him, right down to the last nail-biting minute.

There are so many great things about 10 Cloverfield Lane aside from Goodman’s performance. Winstead as Michelle was a good choice, as the viewer really gets to feel the loneliness and progression she goes through along the way. The pacing is done well and the art department really outdid itself on the design and detail of the bunker, making this cheery looking place feel like hell. There were points throughout this film I shivered as I felt s trapped as Michelle did. Coupled with that, the ambient noises and music really sell the atmosphere.

The only complaints I really have, revolve around the ending, with the final climax maybe being a little too long and overshadowing the meaning and feel of the film. Without giving anything away, I see why that was the ending they went for and, for what it is, it’s very enjoyable.

These nitpicks do nothing to override the entirety of the film, as it is a great watch for anyone who doesn’t mind feeling uncomfortable. I give 10 Cloverfield Lane 4 duck curtains out of 5 .

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