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Cloverfield Review

Since lately Frank has been on a kaiju kick in anticipation of the upcoming Godzilla movie, I figured I’d review one of my all time favorites, too — Matt Reeves’ 2008 film, Cloverfield. While it’s not exactly a kaiju film, it is an impressive monster movie that successfully blends in the found footage genre.

I’m well aware that this movie has a ton of people who don’t like it and I accept that, but hey, it can’t hurt to try to sway some opinions, can it? Cloverfield has many hidden things that require more than one subsequent viewing. This is hard for me to push on people because most people hate the hand-held Blair Witch vibe of it and if it’s not a movie you absolutely love, watching it again might not seem so appealing.

Writer Drew Goddard and director Matt Reeves really worked well together to accomplish what I consider to be one of the best “giant monster” movies of our generation. The acting is done fantastically, with the exception of T.J. Miller’s character, Hud, who pretty much over stays his welcome after the monster attacks.

This is truly a digital effects heavy film and the list of names involved in creating “Clover” and its offspring is impressive. The work shows in every shot of creature mayhem and is beautiful, despite the fact that it’s over half of a decade old now. (It’s sad to say it in that light, but you never know. Cloverfield could get remade NEXT YEAR).

It’s obvious to me the amount of love and respect the creators have for kaiju films; Some of the hidden stuff includes flickers of King Kong, Godzilla, and Mothra. Don’t believe me? Search YouTube for “Cloverfield Hidden Secrets.”

If you skipped over this one or if you saw it and just didn’t really care for it, I urge you to check it out one more time and take it all in. I, for one, love this film and give it 3.5 bleeding eyes out of 5.

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