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Bigfoot Blood Trap Review

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My last couple of reviews have been of films with much larger financial backing than most of the normal stuff you’d find on Repulsive Reviews. After a little break, I felt that I was finally ready to jump back into some indie horror and see what some of these up-and-coming filmmakers have to offer. Read on to see if John Orrichio’s Bigfoot Blood Trap was the right one to jump back in with.

The Plot

After inheriting hundreds of acres of land from her estranged grandfather, Shannon, her brother Billy, and a couple of their friends go for a long overdue hunting trip to check things out. They quickly discover that the lands are currently inhabited by a bloodthirsty creature resembling a Bigfoot. The brother/sister duo get in touch with a cryptozoologist with plans of breeding the creature with a human female to prove his theory that the Bigfoot is some kind of missing link in human evolution.

My Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of Bigfoot movies and there are actually quite a bit of enjoyable ones that have come out over the years. In fact, films like Exists, Hunting the Legend, and Willow Creek are extremely well done and are worthy of revisiting time and time again. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Orrichio’s Bigfoot Blood Trap.

This 2017 killer ‘squatch flick is as low budget as they come. According to IMDb, the estimated budget is $100,000, but I find that very hard to believe.

The creature is nothing more than a man in a giant ape suit. There doesn’t seem to be any further efforts to enhance the look of this supposedly ravenous beast. Just a man in a suit — nothing more, nothing less.

In addition to this mediocre design, the majority of the cast deliver performances that are very difficult to sit through. With the exception of one, maybe two, of the actors involved, it’s clear to see that not much of this estimated budget went into the casting of the film.

I’m generally not one to focus solely on the negatives of a film, so I do want to point out that not everything here was done poorly.

Bigfoot Blood Trap does feature quite a bit of gore, proving that it is certainly a perfect fit into the Wild Eye Releasing “Raw and Extreme” line of films. All kills are performed with practical effects with no CGI in sight. This, of course, is always a huge plus in my book, and I’m sure most of you guys would agree!

The Verdict

Claiming to be based on true events, Bigfoot Blood Trap is a low-budget effort at an already difficult-to-pull-off sub-genre. It is 95 minutes of lackluster acting performances and a sad attempt at creating a frightening Bigfoot, but does contain a pretty damn original script, and plenty of blood, guts, and good old nudity. This will surely please all of you depraved gorehounds out there.

If you are a diehard Bigfoot fanatic, you should give Bigfoot Blood Trap a try. If you aren’t a huge fan of low-budget horror, however, there are other options out there that will suit you better.

Bigfoot Blood Trap is available on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. Pick up a copy today to get your hands on the film and its bonus features including interviews with the cast and crew, music videos, and more.

I give this one 1.5 bigfoot online dating profiles out of 5.

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  1. Pat says:

    I just bought this after reading the review. For some reason, I had to have it.

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