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Blood Paradise Review

Blood Paradise poster

We are in a day and age where we are delivered more content than can possibly be digested. Luckily, I’ve positioned myself in a way that I come across more films than your average viewer by way of the lesser known boutique labels, indie directors, etc. The latest to cross my path is Patrick von Barkenberg’s Blood Paradise.

The Plot

Author Robin Richards needs a new source of inspiration. On the advice from her friend and agent, she takes a trip to the Swedish countryside. Instead of rest and relaxation, however, Robin is greeted by an assortment of strange and dangerous characters.

My Thoughts

Heading into Blood Paradise was another blind experience for me. I didn’t even bother flipping the Blu-ray case over to check out the synopsis. I just dove in headfirst and hoped for the best.

Right off the bat, you can tell a lot of care went into the making of Blood Paradise. The film looks extremely beautiful from start to finish. Everything from the Swedish farm lands to the quality of the film itself is just gorgeous, way better than most other low-budget horror fare that I am used to.

A shared US and Sweden production, Blood Paradise features a very talented cast throughout its 82 minute runtime. Lead by Andrea Winter as our main protagonist, all performers do extremely well in their respective roles; Chris Cavallius was impressive as the skeevy number-one fan of Winter’s Robin and Rolf Brunnstrom was equally as impressive as the peculiar farmhand who recently lost his beloved wife, Linda.

While Blood Paradise offered this amazing talent and beautiful landscapes, cinematography, etc, there was still something missing.

Perhaps it was the slow, more methodical pacing, but I just could not get into this one as much as I’d hoped upon initially pressing play.

By the time the film’s final act arrives, it was a bit too late to reel me back in. I did enjoy the final minutes, but it was just too little too late.

The Verdict

Blood Paradise is a very strong showing for director Patrick von Barkenberg’s first feature-length film. It has everything you’d hope for in an effective movie — a talented cast, a good script, competent camerawork — but the pacing did hinder it a bit.

Still, I do not have a problem recommending it to all of you guys. I think some of you will actually enjoy this one quite a bit, and rightfully so. Von Barkenberg’s style is a breath of fresh air as he brings some new things to the proverbial table, while still paying homage to certain genre classics. The legendary Hitchcock’s Psycho comes to mind most certainly.

You can pick up your own copy of Blood Paradise, available now on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD/Digital from Artsploitation Films.

I give this one a final rating of 2.5 gardens of death out of 5.

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