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Blind Woman's Curse Review

It’s always exciting to see what certain filmmakers can do with when combining multiple genres into one project. Mixing comedy, drama, action, and horror, Teruo Ishii’s Blind Woman’s Curse still holds up very well nearly 45 years after its original release date.

Rival gangs fight over territory rights in this 1970 Yakuza film. Blind Woman’s Curse is one of the most eclectic films I’ve seen in a long time. With some funny dialogue, sensational camera work, multiple fight scenes, and a unique revenge-driven storyline, almost every genre is covered.

Because of the amazing looking transfer presented by Arrow Films, it is easy to forget how old this film really is. I couldn’t help but think to myself how weak the fight choreography seemed or how bad the effects looked. However, once you sit back and realize that this film was created 45 years ago, you are able to truly appreciate it as a whole. Sure, to today’s standards it may not seem like anything special, but I can imagine what kind of impact this film had when it was first released to the public.

I can’t recall the last time I watched a film with this much variety in its cast of characters. From the quirky thong-wearing Aozora gang leader to the creepy and sneaky hunchback, the actors really had their work cut out for them with this one. It makes me wonder what the performers were thinking when first reading the script for this film… is this the norm for Japanese cult films? Are there more movies out there as strange as this one? If you guys know, please enlighten me, as I am very interested to find out.

In true Arrow Films nature, Blind Woman’s Curse is treated to a great release. With a stunning transfer and extra bonus features, including a collection of trailers and a new audio commentary, this is how you want to see this film. Be sure to pick up a copy from Arrow’s official website today.

I give this film 2 dragon tattoos out of 5.

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