They Call me Panic ‘Cause I Never Do

Ticks Review

While it certainly isn’t a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, Tony Randel’s Ticks has its charms. Filled with random faces we’ve all grown to know, from the early 90’s scream queen Ami Dolenz, Clint Howard, Seth Green, and my personal favorite Alfonso Ribeiro as “Panic.”

This is one of those films that takes the mutated bug genre so popular in the 50’s and combines it with some of that nasty 80’s splatter effects. In many ways it’s above average for a mid 90’s gorefest. If you chose to watch Ticks, chances are you aren’t looking for a psychological or disturbing film like Bug, but you are the right kind of horror fan, on the right path.

The effects are disgusting at times and if you are in the least bit squeamish, this one might have to be accompanied with a barf bag. I’m not sure Brian Yuzna would have been attached as executive producer, if this film wasn’t something a splatter fan could enjoy. If you are familiar with the films he is usually attached to, you would be excited to see Ticks. While it can be silly, and most of the film really is, it is incredibly entertaining.

A group of city kids with troubled pasts join a wilderness retreat (against their will) and come in contact with some very bad locals, as well as gigantic mutant ticks. Once the trouble kicks into full swing, it’s a classic clash of adults not listening to kids, until it’s too late.

While I tend to keep my reviews about the films themselves, this one is too hard to not bring up. The blu-ray transfer of Ticks is outstanding! Olive Films restored this beautifully, so if you are a fan of it and have an old edition, I suggest a blu-ray upgrade! This one is worth checking out, for the cheese, the gore, the girls and… Carlton from Fresh Prince, of course!

I give Ticks 3 blue pills out of 5.

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