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They’re My Only Friends

Women in Cellblock 9 Review

Women in Cellblock 9 | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

My recent viewing of Jess Franco’s 99 Women was a true eye-opener for me. It was the one film of his I was waiting for, it proved to me that the man had depth and truly was a great filmmaker. Even for a women in prison film, it had artistic vision and substance.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for another of his sexploitation ventures, Women in Cellblock 9.

Three women are apprehended from a fruit truck, taken to [...]

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Freeze, Book Thief!

The Creeps Review

The Creeps | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

It’s no secret, at this point, that one of my biggest guilty pleasures is watching the films of Charles Band and his Full Moon imprint. While they aren’t the best films in the genre, by any means, they do manage to be highly entertaining every single time I press play. The most recent Full Moon feature I can cross off my watch list is the 1997 Charles Band-directed The Creeps.

Dr. Winston Berber (Bill Moynihan, Double Trouble) has [...]

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What Do I Have to Do?

Fairy Tales Review

Fairy Tales | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

As much as I love watching ‘serious’ films, it is an inevitability that I will return to the films that are just plain silly. What I’m mostly referring to is the bottomless pit of a film library that is Full Moon Features. While it may not be the ordinary Charles Band fare, Harry Tampa’s Fairy Tales is definitely a great departure from the aforementioned films of a more serious tone.

It is the Prince’s twenty-first birthday and in order to [...]

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I Only Wait for my Death

Jack the Ripper Review

Jack the Ripper

By now, you guys know that I get great joy in visiting the Full Moon library from time to time. Most of the time, the films are filled with silly characters and the writing and directing are nothing to take seriously. With a new collection being released by Full Moon, however, things are certainly taking a more serious turn. The first to be released in this 10 film collection, all of which are creations of notorious filmmaker, Jess Franco, is [...]

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Nightmares Come in All Sizes

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys Review

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

After watching a fair share of serious genre films (or films that at least try to take themselves seriously), it’s always necessary for me to sit back and enjoy a silly film, one that doesn’t take any extra thought and that just zips by. There is no other studio to pick a film like this from, in my mind, than Full Moon. Charles Band has brought the horror and sci-fi scene many memorable films for decades, but the one I [...]

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Worse Than Evil

Doctor Mordrid Review

Doctor Mordrid

While some are downright terrible, I have enjoyed quite a bit of films that have been released under the Full Moon Features/Productions/Entertainment/Studios/Pictures label over the years. The very best of them always seem to have one thing in common. That one thing, just like in Charles Band’s 1992 fantasy film, Doctor Mordrid, is the fact that the star of the film is Jeffrey Combs.

Jeffrey Combs stars as a doctor once again. This time he isn’t Dr. Herbert West, [...]

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Nuts or No Nuts

Trophy Heads Review

Trophy Heads

Lately with all of the video stores dying out, streaming your favorite films has become increasingly popular. With this becoming the preferred method for most casual movie watchers, some of the streaming services have taken note and produced shows that are exclusive to their product. Netflix has From Dusk Till Dawn, Hemlock Grove, and House of Cards to name a few. Well, Full Moon Streaming is no different. Trophy Heads is a weekly show that can only be [...]

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You Don’t Look So Mean

PMS Cop Review


Bryon Blakey’s film PMS Cop was picked up by Charles Band and given a push it might not have otherwise received. I’m happy that it did because this film is one odd duck that deserves to be watched. We’ve had Maniac Cops and Psycho Cops… so I suppose this is the natural progression.

Cindy Means plays the title role and does a fantastic job with the character she portrays. Her role is only a speaking role for the first 3rd [...]

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