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Dreaming Purple Neon Review

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One of the main reasons I started reviewing films years ago was to talk to others who enjoyed the horror genre as much as me. With my goal being to reach other fans, I never expected that reach to extend to those who are actually involved with the films — actors, producers, etc. I was recently contacted by Todd Sheets after reviewing a couple of his movies, with an invitation to watch another of his newest projects. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give Dreaming Purple Neon a try.

The Plot

A satanic cult has summoned the demon queen, Abaddon, to bring upon the end of the world. Anyone who has ever been exposed to the drug “Purple Neon” will turn into a demon at the queen’s command. Can a group of friends, strangers, and gun-toting gangsters ban together to save humanity?

My Thoughts

This is the movie I’ve been waiting to see from Todd Sheets; With each of my last reviews, I made mention of the fact that they both showed tons of potential. That potential is realized here with Dreaming Purple Neon.

Consisting of a much larger cast than both House of Forbidden Secrets and Bonehill Road, I was pleasantly surprised by the talent on display. There are a couple of actors who seemed a bit out-of-place with lesser performances, but for the most part, everyone plays their roles wonderfully. Dreaming features returning faces like Eli DeGeer, Millie Milan, and Antwoine Steele, along with some impressive newbies, Jack McCord and Ricky Farr, to name a few. While Steele was someone I disliked the most in Forbidden Secrets, I actually enjoyed him quite a bit this time around!

Dreaming Purple Neon is, by far, Todd Sheets’ most ambitious film. With imagery akin to Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, this movie is batshit crazy. Sheets clearly has a mind for the horror genre, something I never doubted, and it is on full display throughout the film’s 109 minutes. There are gangsters, sword-wielding demons, gladiator goddesses, and so much more.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic practical effects once again on display. Dreaming Purple Neon features some of the goriest scenes I’ve ever seen from an indie film; Blood is constantly flowing with disembowelments galore and some of the best-looking decapitations ever put on film. If Todd Sheets can do this with a miniscule budget of only $3500, I can’t imagine what the man would do with five times that amount.

The Verdict

If you want to show your friends the body of work that is Todd Sheets’ filmography, this is the place to start. If you love buckets of blood, look no further than Dreaming Purple Neon. Keep in mind, I was treated to the “Drive-In Edition” of the film that supposedly features a bit less dialogue and a bit more effects. I can’t speak for other cuts of the film, but this one is tons of fun!

I give this one 3.5 butterknives out of 5!

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