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Iceman Review

Iceman movie review

Ever since I started reviewing films for this site, I’ve been afforded countless opportunities to learn about and watch many films that I would otherwise be completely unaware of. This isn’t always a great thing because, as we all know, not all movies are created equal. With that said, there are in fact many amazing flicks out there that deserve to reach a wider audience. One of those is Felix Randau’s Iceman.

The Plot

Kelab is the primary caretaker of his entire tribe. During one of his many trips away from his family, his village is attacked, everyone slaughtered. His only purpose now is to find the men who did this and to get his revenge.

My Thoughts

One of my favorite sub-genres of horror cinema is the revenge flick. There have been many filmmakers over the years who have delivered their brand of justice with some of the most brutal movies out there. Revenge stories, however, don’t always need to fall into the horror genre. That is where Iceman comes in.

Fitting more into the historical drama genre, Iceman takes place approximately 5300 years ago. The story of Kelab is told through a version of the Rhaetic language, with no subtitles throughout the entire 96 minutes. While I initially expected this to be a problem or, at the very least, an annoyance, I was quickly proven wrong.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you are from; It is very clear what is going on here. Through body language, facial expressions, and of course actions, most of which are rather barbaric, the audience is told a very vivid and relatable story. It is one of love and heartache, as Kelab is shown with his beautiful family, only to have them viciously taken from him not soon after we meet them.

Kelab is based on Ötzi The Iceman, the oldest known human mummy, and is played by German actor, Jürgen Vogel. Vogel does a remarkable job as a man on a mission. Although he is speaking a language I can guarantee none of the audience will understand, he very clearly expresses various emotions throughout Iceman‘s duration. From the initial shock and awe of finding his family murdered to the tremendous anger and determination of knowing he is going to get his vengeance, Vogel is a treat to watch.

While viewers most likely won’t recognize many actors from writer and director Felix Randau’s film, longtime genre fans who are paying close enough attention will find a familiar face in legendary actor Franco Nero. I wasn’t sure if it was him at first, but sure enough, upon further investigation, I learned that it was indeed the once Django who had popped up on my screen in this revenge drama film.

The Verdict

Iceman is a beautiful film in many ways; the story takes place in a time and place far away, but is still as relatable today as it was over 5000 years ago. The scenery/setting and cinematography are gorgeous, the acting is brilliantly executed, and the inevitable revenge of Kelab is enough of a payoff to satisfy most members of this movie’s audience.

Iceman will be available on DVD from Omnibus Entertainment and Film Movement on May 24. I strongly urge film lovers to go out and grab themselves a copy of this film. You won’t regret it.

I give this one 4.5 archers falling to their death out of 5.

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