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And All Through the House Review

Ron McLellen’s film “And All Through The House” was winner of the 2011 Atlanta Horrorfest for best local feature film for good reason. I’ve seen tons of horror anthologies ranging from absolute shit to pure gold and “And All Through The House” is the indie scene’s Christmas answer to “Trick r’ Treat.”

The 3 stories are all entwined so well together and executed with great editing. It has many little nods to some great films and you can tell that every frame had thought put into it. Ron McLellen has more talent than most directors Full Moon/Charles Band have let behind a camera.

Films like this make it a must to go to indie festivals to see what you’ve been missing. Every film has it’s ups and downs and personally the only real downs for me were a couple of lines of dialog that just didn’t work for me. Obviously, that can be expected with actors who have little experience, but it didn’t make this film any less enjoyable.

The make-up effects are very well done and the lighting used only lends to the authenticity of the gore. Everything that should be in the frame is.

Hard work pays off and Ron McLellen and his crew brought his vision to life in a big way. This film gets the Rottin’ Roger Demarco seal of approval with 3 Christmas gifts out of 5.

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