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Killbillies Review

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More often than not, foreign horror flicks are extremely entertaining.  Some of the most fun horror experiences I’ve had have come from creature features, slashers, and zombie flicks delivered from outside of the states. Because of this, I’m usually pretty open to watching new genre films from overseas.  Thankfully, we’ve been delivered another great one with Tomaz Gorkic’s Killbillies.

In need of some cash, Zina (Nina Ivanisin) has accepted a modeling gig, which finds her and fellow model, Mia (Nika Rozman) in the middle of [apparently, tick-infested] woods. Not long into the shoot, the girls, along with their photographer and makeup artist, are interrupted by a couple of local hillbillies who seem to own the land. These hillbillies aren’t too happy with the trespassers and kidnap the entire bunch. Can Zina and the rest of the crew escape before they are all used to replenish the locals’ home-made moonshine cache?

In the vein of such films as The Hills Have Eyes and the Wrong Turn franchise, Killbillies is a fun slasher-inspired horror flick that features a talented cast, a competent script, and some killer special effects.

Killbillies consists of a rather small cast, keeping things fairly intimidate for its 83 minute runtime. Even with the tiny group of characters we meet, there is enough diversity for each character to stand out. Zina comes off as this tough chick who always sports an attitude, while Mia is almost the complete opposite. Oh, she still has an attitude, but it’s only because Zina doesn’t believe that she’ll make it as a top model in Paris. Nina Ivanisin and Nika Rozman, playing each character respectively, were both fun to watch across the screen from our antagonists.

Francl (Lotos Sparovec) and Vintlr (Jurij Drevensek) are some ugly-looking inbreds. With similar looks to those of other horror film backwoods killers, these guys were creepy as hell, and personified that ‘infection’ that Mia kept saying she wanted to prevent catching. Francl with his bubbled up face (as seen on the film’s cover) and Vintlr with his goofy yet terrifying demeanor are two dudes you don’t want to cross paths with. Especially when they are trying to use your bodily fluids for their homemade liquor operation.

The make-up for our killers, along with all of the practical effects used for the kills themselves were top-notch. Because of the size of the cast being rather miniscule, there wasn’t the highest body count we’ve seen. Still, each character’s demise that we did get to witness was full of as much gore as writer/director, Tomaz Gorkic, could fit into each frame–each death looking marvelous, as the effects team really did a stunning job.

There isn’t much deep thought that needs to take place when watching a flick like this. And sometimes, that’s quite alright. Killbillies is a fun, bloody time that you should certainly enjoy with as many splatter-loving friends that you can gather.  I’d love to see a sequel and have this be the next Wrong Turn franchise, so I will certainly be on the lookout for any future installments.

Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself, as Killbillies is available now on DVD from Artsploitation Films.

I give this one 4 snotface brats out of 5.

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