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Lucky Bastard Review

Lucky Bastard

Some filmmakers just get it! Robert Nathan is one of those directors. His most recent film, Lucky Bastard, is refreshingly original and holds your attention from the opening seconds to the final credits.

Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue, My Bloody Valentine) is one of the most popular stars for Mike’s (Don McManus, Grand Piano) online porn business. She’s done it all… except for Mike’s “Lucky Bastard” website where a fortunate fan is picked to have sex with a famous porn star. Dave (Jay Paulson) is that lucky fan, this time around, but when he “pops” too soon, his once in a lifetime opportunity is ruined and he is kicked out of the house that was being rented for the occasion. He manages to find his way back, however, and teaches the crew that they should have stopped laughing at him, when they had the chance.

I remember hearing a big fuss about an upcoming horror film that got an NC-17 rating, a while back. I also remember thinking, “Oh boy, I bet we’re going to get another over-the-top gorefest.” As more and more info about the film was announced, it seemed pretty clear that that wasn’t the case. And boy, am I glad it wasn’t.

Lucky Bastard went in an entirely different direction; Instead of overdoing things with excessive blood or gore, the shock value came from Robert Nathan and Lukas Kendall’s creativeness. The script for this film is brilliant. I’ve never seen a film use this subject matter, so right off the bat, the originality factor is a huge plus. There is enough character development to allow the audience to learn about each individual, but not too much, as to where we’d get bored and begin to not care anymore. In fact, everything was kept to a perfect level. The kills were executed brutally enough to get the point across, but not explicitly overdone.

The acting throughout this entire film was flawless. Every single performer did a wonderful job and brought a realness to the film that is not seen very much these days. Don McManus played the perfect ‘sleazy porn guy’ and Betsy Rue did a great job of bringing a little more depth to her adult film star role than just being a sex-fiending whore. For roles that I can see getting pretty uncomfortable, everyone was able to keep things together and make a great final product.

If you want to see an entertaining horror film that uses the found footage style perfectly, look no further than Lucky Bastard. Be sure to pick up your copy today from Amazon via Revolver Entertainment.

I give this film 4 reality show hidden cameras out of 5.

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