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Muck Review


Sometimes a movie’s marketing can make or break them before any one has even seen the final product. That is exactly what happened here with Steve Wolsh’s Muck. It’s been well over a year since I first read anything about the film and with every article, interview, or photo that popped up about this little indie flick, my anticipation grew stronger. Unfortunately, when you have a film that is as hyped up as this one seemed to be, it is extremely difficult to live up to the fans’ expectations…

Muck begins with a group of friends running out of a marsh already beaten and tattered. We have no idea what has attacked them, but they are pretty shaken up, bloodstained, and with clothes torn to shreds. It doesn’t take long for the ‘creepers’ to re-emerge and finish the job they started, killing off each and every one of the friends.

The directorial debut of Steve Wolsh, Muck is a mixed bag for me. I liked certain aspects of it, but overall was kind of let down. I was well aware that there was going to be some gorgeous women running around in this film. Each photo that popped up over the past year was of model after Playboy playmate after model. Now, if the promise of beautiful women and the genre’s greatest killer, Kane Hodder, doesn’t get you excited, then you clearly aren’t in the right place. The problem with this is Hodder only appeared briefly and the women, well, they were really only good to look at. Their scenes of gratuitous nudity, constantly looking at themselves in the mirror, and otherwise skimpy clothing, although reminiscent of old school Roger Corman productions, really brought nothing significant to the table. I would have much rather had beautiful women that could actually act, as opposed to the pure eye candy we had here.

As far as plot goes, Muck was kind of all over the place. I understand that there is a prequel for the film already in the works, but I would have much rather preferred this trilogy start from the beginning. Although this one didn’t come out as great as I had wished, I will surely still watch the next installment in hopes that it will bring me up to speed on what exactly might have been going on here. I am also actually excited for the marsh creature that we will inevitably see at some point in at least one of the franchise’s three films. If these Cape Cod creepers are frightened of it, then it must certainly be a sight for sore eyes!

When I initially learned of Kane Hodder’s involvement, I was hoping for another Hatchet-like series to fall in love with. This is far from the Adam Green creation, but it does still have potential. I recommend giving it at least one watch, if not only to be a part of Wolsh’s first project. Muck is now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

I give this film 2.5 shovels out of 5.

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