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Really Really Need Him

Victor Crowley Video Review


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No Titties

Hatchet III Video Review

Hatchet III | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies


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Hell Believes in You

Holliston: Season 2 Review

I’ve really enjoyed every one of Adam Green’s movies I’ve seen over the years, but for some reason never made it a point to sit down and watch his series, Holliston. I have seen various things here and there on the internet about it, but it just never intrigued me enough to want to give it a shot. When I heard season 2 was coming out on blu-ray, I decided now was a good a time as any to [...]

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She Needs… Special Food

Grace Review

Paul Solet’s “Grace” is far more disturbing than I had imagined. I don’t mean that it is disturbing in its use of gore or shock value, but moreso in its psychological elements that I was certainly not prepared for.

The main story of this 2009 Adam Green production is great; I love its originality and the way it plays out is very well done. The use of a real baby mixed with various shots of a fake, effects baby was [...]

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