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Nekromantik 2 Review

Nekromantik 2

Although I’ve strayed from the normal path a few times with reviews for films like Son of Batman and No Holds Barred, I have always been proud of the word ‘repulsive’ in the title of this little site of mine. This next review is certainly one that can justify that title and I am more than satisfied to cover it here for all of you fine folks.

Nekromantik 2, the sequel to Jörg Buttgereit’s controversial 1988 film, Nekromantik, picks up almost immediately after the events of the first film. A new character, Monika, is seen digging up the rotting remains of Robert and bringing her new companion home for some perverse fun. Soon after, Monika meets Mark, a pornographic film dubber, and a romance begins to blossom. Things get a little tricky, however, when Mark realizes that Monika’s sexual desires are a little unusual and it doesn’t take long for things to get even stranger…

If you’ve never seen Buttgereit’s first film, don’t fret; Nekromantik 2 has a couple of flashbacks that will bring you right up to speed, one of which is the gruesome climax of said first entry — the perfect starting off point for this beloved sequel. This one is a perfect continuation of the twisted story created by Buttgereit and in some ways, even tops the obscenity of the first one. The writer/director/editor is quoted as saying that these films are love stories, not horror films. He is absolutely right… these love stories just happen to include some of the most vile things I’ve seen on film. If you are a seeker of the extreme, this is definitely one that you will want to get a hold of. Besides the obvious necrophilia that takes place throughout, there are also some scenes of [dead] animal butchering. This may not be for everyone though, so be prepared when going into this one, guys.

Also like Nekromantik, this sequel features one of the most ironic scores I’ve ever heard. While all of the debauchery occurs, there is this lovely piano music playing, composed by the film’s lead actress, Monika M. Never before these two films have I had my senses so confused. The beautiful music is great for the blooming romance, but not so much for the dead body sex.

There isn’t much dialogue, but just enough to keep the story moving in a somewhat logical direction. Buttgereit created another project, which served as a huge F you to the German government and censorship board, succeeding at reaching new levels of depravity while also remaining artistic. I am not necessarily in love with the idea of watching a woman make love to a decomposing corpse, but I do love the fact that this films climax was just as messed up as the first film’s. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say that, but this is A Serbian Film before A Serbian Film ever existed!

Cult Epics has released the perfect companion piece to last year’s Nekromantik Blu-ray. Nekromantik 2 is beautifully remastered from the original 16mm negative and features some great bonus material and even more original artwork cards from artist, Johnny Ryan. Be sure to pick up a copy on Blu-ray or DVD from Cult Epics today!

I give this film 3.5 refrigerated penises out of 5, but once again, the overall release/package gets 5 mutilated seals out of 5!

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