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Nurse 3D Review

I’ve been tricked! After viewing the trailer and being promised beautiful women and nudity, I expected an awesome new-age horror film. While Douglas Aarniokoski’s Nurse did indeed deliver on the beautiful women and nudity, it still fell kind of short where it pertains to the awesome part.

Abby Russell (Paz de la Huerta) is a caring nurse at All Saints Memorial Hospital during the day, but when night falls, she is a club hopping vixen, ready to pounce on any man she sees who is ready to cheat on his wife. When Abby sets her sights on her newest obsession, the newest nurse at the hospital, Danni, things really get interesting. All is not as it seems, as we get to know the truth about our sexy, obsessive nurse.

While Nurse isn’t as good as I had hoped, it still does have quite a few strengths. The acting, although annoying at times, was actually pretty well done. Their isn’t much depth to the characters, so the performances weren’t groundbreaking or award-winning, but they certainly do suffice for a story about a crazy nurse with a murderous side. Paz de la Huerta is pretty great at playing a weirdo older woman who falls in love with gorgeous young co-workers. She really portrays that there is something way off about this character.

While the 3D isn’t necessary for the film to be effective, it was still utilized pretty well in certain scenes. Blood squirting is always more fascinating in 3D, if you ask me! The kills were plentiful and looked pretty great, too. It was awesome to see how many different ways Abby could stab someone, utilizing pretty much every doctor’s tool you could imagine.

If you’re in the mood for a modern sexploitation film, look no further than Nurse. Full of blood and boobs, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll like!

I give this movie 2.5 CCs of Vecuronium of 5.

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