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Holliston: Season 2 Review

I’ve really enjoyed every one of Adam Green’s movies I’ve seen over the years, but for some reason never made it a point to sit down and watch his series, Holliston. I have seen various things here and there on the internet about it, but it just never intrigued me enough to want to give it a shot. When I heard season 2 was coming out on blu-ray, I decided now was a good a time as any to finally give it a shot.

Both Green and show co-creator, Joe Lynch, play down on their luck filmmakers who run a local late night cable show, “The Movie Crypt,” which happens to play awesome horror movies. I’m not even sure what else to say about the ‘plot’ of the show! Dee Snider plays their 80’s hair metal-loving boss, Lance Rockett, and the late Dave Brockie plays his Oderus Urungus character he made so famous with his band, Gwar, who also happens to be Adam’s imaginary friend. Rounding out the rest of the official cast are Corri English and Laura Ortiz, Adam and Joe’s girlfriends, respectively.

This may all sound kind of silly and believe me, it is, but that’s a good thing. Roger and I are always writing about films that are “made by the fans, for the fans,” but Holliston, more appropriately is made by horror nerds, for horror nerds. If you’ve been a long time horror fan, you will love all of the references these guys make and all of the awesome iconic cameo appearances sprinkled throughout the season. Not only do legendary horror actors like Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, and David Naughton (among others) make appearances, but they do so under the most outrageous circumstances. My favorite of them all, though, has to be the hysterical performance put on by Grace director, Paul Solet. This guy is a comedic genesis, if there ever was one!

Although I’ve never seen any episodes from the show’s first season, it doesn’t really matter. I jumped into it with the Christmas special and have gone through the entire second season, not feeling like I’ve missed anything at all. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the first season, although I have heard that there are quite a bit of differences in the episodes’ runtime and things of that nature.

If you’re an Adam Green or Joe Lynch fan, or just love the horror genre as a whole, and want to have a silly good time, definitely start watching this show. Holliston Season 2 is officially coming out this Tuesday, April 8 from Image Entertainment, so make sure to pick yourself up a copy!

I give this series 4 ‘Corri is a slut’ jokes out of 5!

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    I never even heard of this serie. Sounds good!

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