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Prison Review

I haven’t felt compelled to ‘blind buy’ too many horror flicks over the past few years. The ever-changing list of movies streaming on services like Netflix and Hulu, and even full-length movies popping up on Youtube have made my decision to stay away from it that much easier. I was feeling bold one night recently and couldn’t pass up on two awesome Scream Factory blu-ray releases. One of those blu-rays was the supernatural 1988 film, “Prison.” Let me tell you, buying this movie was definitely a good decision.

Unlike most supernatural or ghost-related movies I’ve seen over the years, viewers aren’t subject to any CG poltergeists or demons throughout the film, but instead are treated to a barage of creatively awesome kills, without ever seeing the entity who is causing them. The sole instance in which the vengeful spirit is finally revealed is accomplished with practical effects and makeup and fits right in with the look of the rest of the film. I loved all of the practical work that was done for this movie and thought it really added that extra flare that so many movies are missing nowadays.

The acting in this movie was done very well and with a cast consisting of Viggo Mortenson, Lane Smith, Tommy Lister Jr. and a few more notable names, I didn’t expect any less.

Director Renny Harlin and his team of writers created an original tale of revenge with a great plot and no extra fluff to water down the story. We get just enough detail to know what is going on and why.

I’ve been lucky recently and have been getting to watch some genuinely great entries in horror film history and hope this roll I’m on continues. My overall, final rating for this film is a solid 4.5 volts out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs says:

    I never heard of this movie until my wife mentioned about it, then I watched it with her and I thought it was great! Nice review, I think this movie is also one of those unknown gems.

    • Frank Fulci says:

      Part of the reason it is so unknown is because it never got a proper release on video or DVD. This Scream Factory release on blu and DVD is the first official release ever!

  2. indeed.I have a torrent dl and burnt dvd..but I plan on picking this up asap

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