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Somethin’ Ain’t Right in Here!

Furnace Review


William Butler’s 2007 film Furnace was a direct-to-DVD horror film that many missed. Chances are you’ve seen him (Butler) in something or seen a film he directed and didn’t even know it. His talent shined through in the 2004 film, Madhouse, which is why I gave Furnace a chance.

This film had a lot going for it — a recognizable cast, creepy setting, and a director who I personally feel puts his heart and soul into his work. What [...]

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12 Inches of Brown Garbage

Prison Review

I haven’t felt compelled to ‘blind buy’ too many horror flicks over the past few years. The ever-changing list of movies streaming on services like Netflix and Hulu, and even full-length movies popping up on Youtube have made my decision to stay away from it that much easier. I was feeling bold one night recently and couldn’t pass up on two awesome Scream Factory blu-ray releases. One of those blu-rays was the supernatural 1988 film, “Prison.” Let me tell you, [...]

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