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Rondo Review

Rondo movie review

In one of my most recent reviews, I spoke about originality and how it must be extremely difficult for filmmakers to have any of it in this day and age. Still, I find myself impressed from time to time, when writers and directors are able to tell a story in a way that has never been done before. My most recent experience with this comes in the form of Drew Barnhardt’s Rondo.

The Plot

Paul is a military veteran who has been having a hard time since his return to civilian life. At the request of his sister, Paul meets with a therapist who prescribes a strange form of rehabilitation; one that leads Paul and his family into a world of sex, murder, and revenge.

My Thoughts

I’m always trepidatious when it comes to watching films by directors I am not familiar with. Too often, I am presented with low budget flicks that are painful to sit through in their entirety. Thankfully, the monotony of these experiences are broken up by the occasion home-run horror movie.

Rondo is that break that I so desperately needed.

Not your run-of-the-mill horror film, Rondo mixes the best from multiple genres. It is part murder mystery, part slasher, and part revenge thriller. It is sexy and violent and extremely good at keeping its audience on their toes throughout its entire 88 minutes.

Just when you think you know what is coming next, writer and director Drew Barnhardt pulls a proverbial 180, making this already entertaining film that much more enjoyable. The various characters introduced are not what they seem, providing multiple twists that aide in keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

I always say revenge films are my favorite because they put ordinary people into extraordinary situations, solely with vengeance in mind. Never has this been more true than it is in Rondo. Nothing about this is ordinary, yet it is still possible that this kind of stuff is going on in the real world… maybe.

The Verdict

Rondo features a talented cast of performers. It takes the best parts of horror and black comedy, mixes in some Tarantino-esque dialogue, and presents a wild new genre-melding experience.

The closing sequence is both provocative and gruesome and I had a huge smile from ear to ear as I watched it all unfold. Even if you do not like the rest of the film, which is highly unlikely, the final scene will most certainly change your mind.

I cannot recommend this film enough, so be sure to grab a copy of Rondo today. It is now available on DVD and VOD — Amazon, DirectTV, VUDU, iTunes, XBox, Google/YouTube, and more — from Artsploitation Films.

I give this movie a final Repulsive Rating of 4.5 inevitable ejaculations out of 5.

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