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There is No ‘It’

Dark Was the Night Review

Dark Was the Night

In my honest opinion, there are not enough good creature features in the horror genre. I think this is most likely the case because it is an extremely difficult feat to pull off. I mean, there are plenty of indie filmmakers out there that have tried I;m sure, but it isn’t easy to create a monster that has never been seen before, while also making it look convincing and downright frightening. Thankfully, it does happen occasionally and I am glad [...]

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‘Cause He Had a Cockmouth

Spring Review


I loved everything about Resolution after my first viewing of it. The writing was intriguing and funny, the acting was fantastic, and the entire thing was unpredictable. The only problem with it was that damn ending, the ending that kept me wanting more. Although it is completely unrelated and has no connection whatsoever plot-wise, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s Spring is that more that I was waiting for.

After his ill mother dies and he gets fired from his job, [...]

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Close the Door!

The Thing from Another World Review

The Thing from Another World

Most horror fans of my generation grew up loving the John Carpenter film The Thing. Its incredible cast, mounting paranoia, and utterly astounding creature effects, courtesy of Rob Bottin, made a lasting impression on our young minds. While the film pushed every boundary possible in the realm of practical effects, it is highly regarded for its psychological elements that still lead to discussions among horror fans to this day.

Truly a master of his craft, Carpenter lets the tension [...]

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Ate it Like Rice Krispie Treats

Motivational Growth Review

Motivational Growth

The horror genre is definitely a vast one. There are your run of the mill, straight-forward flicks that provide the common tropes of various sub-genres including slashers or creature features, but then there are those movies that are so out there that you don’t even know how to classify them. That’s exactly how I feel about Don Thacker’s strangely original film, Motivational Growth.

Ian Folliver (Adrian DiGiovanni) hasn’t left his apartment in over a year. He is a filthy, [...]

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You Built a Door Instead

Fear Clinic Review

Fear Clinic

Having never actually seen an episode of the original web series, which premiered on FEARnet.com, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into with the all new feature film, Fear Clinic. Luckily for me, Robert Hall has made a thoroughly entertaining film with original ideas and tons of creativity.

Dr. Andover (Robert Englund) is a renowned physician who has invented a chamber that facilitates in the exploration and treatment of phobias. After a tragic event, however, the good [...]

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Don’t Say I Never Gave Ya Nothin’

Deep Rising Review

Deep Rising

For years, I have had a strange fixation with the Stephen Sommers’ film Deep Rising. When I was younger, I would catch it on Starz! all the time. I simply could not go past the channel it was on without watching it. I could never find it on DVD and my VHS copy had long since disappeared from numerous moves throughout the years. I happened to stumble across a DVD copy of it for $2 the other day and [...]

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