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Your Blood Will be Our Blood

Lurking Fear Review

Lurking Fear

H.P Lovecraft stories have been adapted for the screen for some time now, yet it seems like the only ones I truly get into have Jeffrey Combs attached to them. Full Moon Entertainment has some truly gothic films, thanks to Lovecraft and his twisted tales, so when C. Courtney Joyner got behind the short story of H.P entitled “Lurking Fear,” the stage was set. Then with the casting of Vincent Schiavelli, Ashley Laurence, and Mr. Combs, himself, it would be [...]

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A Song or Something

Killer Mermaid Review

Killer Mermaid

Everyone has heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover.” More often than not, people form their opinion of a horror film just by the title and/or poster art. I am guilty of this and I’m sure most of you out there are, as well. There are some pretty outrageous titles for films in the horror genre, so it’s only natural to think to yourself, “wow, that sounds like it’s gonna be good,” or, “woah, that’s sounds awful.” [...]

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Another Darwin Award

Abominable Review


I tend to get a kick out of those SyFy (Sci Fi) Channel original films, regardless of how big of a schlock-fest they end up being. I grew up on Creature Feature and Monstervision, so I have a big soft spot for cornball cinema. Ryan Schifrin’s 2006 film, Abominable, is a prime example of expecting nothing and getting a decent surprise.

The cast is a horror fan’s dream for sure, starring Matt McCoy, Jeffrey Combs, Paul Gleason, Lance [...]

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Stop Eating That Banana While You’re Crying!

Blood Glacier Review

Blood Glacier

I think it is pretty safe to say that most, if not all, filmmakers have someone they look up to. Someone that has come before them. Whether it is a director, a writer, or even a special effects artist. Some of these filmmakers then try to use inspiration in their films. I think most would agree with me that director Marvin Kren and writer Benjamin Hessler were both heavily influenced by John Carpenter and Ridley Scott, when they created their [...]

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Gimme the Banana, Man

Catch of the Day Review

James Balsamo’s film Catch of the Day is one of the most ridiculously campy films I have seen in a long time. I say that with the utmost respect, as well, because this movie is just too damn fun. It’s a mish-mash of a buddy cop film, a creature feature and a soft core porno! If you have seen any of James’ other films, then you pretty much know what you’re in for — topless chicks, hilarious dialog, and James [...]

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The Sky, it Fell From the Sky!

The Blob Review

In 1995, the remake of the classic The Blob was already 7 years old and forgotten by a lot of people… except me. I was turning 11 and I had seen the 1988 version one very late Saturday night on Encore. I was enthralled with this movie, as a child. In fact, it was the only thing I wanted for my birthday. We hunted and hunted and eventually found it at a mom and pop rental shop. The used VHS [...]

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