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Do They Even Make DVDs Anymore?

Red Letter Day Review

Red Letter Day poster

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I have sufficiently stuffed myself for an entire four days. Instead of jumping right into the Christmas-themed flicks, I think it best for my sanity to keep things in the realm of ordinary, non-holiday horror for a bit. The film I chose to help me do just that is Cameron Macgowan’s Red Letter Day.

The Plot

Melanie and her two children are adjusting to their new lives in the quiet community of Aspen [...]

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Get That Big Ass Fish Out Here

Harpoon Review

Harpoon poster

Horror fans have it good in the year 2019. There are countless boutique labels putting out tons of films, from the most popular to the most obscure. The biggest fish in this sea of genre films are of course Arrow Video, Scream Factory, Vinegar Syndrome, and a handful of others. There are other companies pumping out some great stuff, however; Ones that don’t make as much noise, but perhaps should. The latest film presented by Dread is clearly evidence of [...]

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