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…I Will Cause Fear

Frankenstein Review

Frankenstein | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I have always been a huge fan of the original [Universal] monsters of horror — Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Wolf Man, and last, but not least, Frankenstein’s monster. Needless to say that when I heard of the new plans to have a huge monster cinematic universe all tied together a la Marvel, I was beyond excited. It may be some time before we see the beginning of those plans flesh out, [...]

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No More Frankenpuns?

Frankenstein's Hungry Dead Review

Frankenstein's Hungry Dead

Indie filmmakers tackle all sorts of sub-genres; Slashers, creature features, and the paranormal are all fair game, but there is one area of horror cinema that doesn’t seem to get too much attention. The area I’m speaking of is that of the classic monsters, more specifically, Frankenstein and his creature. Aside from the recent Frankenstein vs. The Mummy, I actually can’t think of any indie Frankenstein flicks out there. All that has changed now, though, with Richard Griffin’s Frankenstein’s [...]

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He’s Just Full of Surprises

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy Review

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy

There is nothing better than dreading that a movie is going to be a total dud, only to be pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t happen very often in our beloved genre, unfortunately, but on the rare occasion that it does, it’s a wonderful thing. I had such an experience today with Damien Leone’s monster flick, Frankenstein vs. The Mummy.

Victor Frankenstein (Max Rhyser) is a young doctor and professor at a leading medical university. Naihla Khalil (Ashton Leigh) is also [...]

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A Living Corpse Without a Soul

I, Frankenstein Review

I, Frankenstein

I remember seeing a TV spot for the first Underworld film years ago and thinking how stupid is was to have vampires and werewolves battling each other with guns and other modern weaponry. Needless to say, I didn’t run out and see it and actually, quite a few years passed before I finally sat down and watched the film for the first time. Ever since I finally decided to do so, I fell in love with the entire franchise. I [...]

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Such Power, Such Knowledge

Frankenstein Created Woman Review

In order to take a break from today’s special effects heavy films, filled with blood and gore, I like to revisit some of the more classic horror films that shaped what the genre has become today. Always being a fan of the Universal monsters, I’ve naturally been interested in also viewing some of Hammer Films’ iterations of the famous monsters, Dracula, the Wolf-man, etc. I never did, however, get a chance to check any out… until now.

Much different than [...]

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