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She May be Close to Death

The Gorgon Review

Hammer Films Double Feature Volume One | The Gorgon | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Horror cinema has evolved immensely over the years. New studios and filmmakers are constantly being introduced to the genre, which now seems over-saturated with zombie flicks, found footage shaky cams, and remake after remake after remake. Gone are the days of the most original ideas and the studios that provided them. Thank goodness for the newly remastered versions of said films like Terrence Fisher’s Hammer Films classic, The Gorgon.

A sudden murder case in a small European village sets [...]

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A Whole Turkish Harem

Countess Dracula Review

Countess Dracula

Until very recently, I was unaware of how vast the Hammer Films library truly is. Aside from the classic Frankenstein and Dracula tales that most know Hammer for, there are a whole bunch of other great gothic horror movies that have been released throughout the decades from various studios, in hopes to revive the good old days of the British horror cinema. One said film, which is closely related to Dracula lore, but not entirely a vampire story, is Peter [...]

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There is no Bogey Man Anymore

Dracula: Prince of Darkness Review

At this point, I’ve seen a number of renditions of the tale of Dracula. From the Universal Studios’ classic take on the monster to Francis Ford Coppola’s iteration many years later, each adaptation has their own subtle twists on the original Bram Stoker novel. Terence Fisher’s 1966, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, is no different, with its own brand of Gothic horror in the great Hammer tradition.

Four English tourists arrive in the Carpathian Forest on their journey, which they [...]

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Such Power, Such Knowledge

Frankenstein Created Woman Review

In order to take a break from today’s special effects heavy films, filled with blood and gore, I like to revisit some of the more classic horror films that shaped what the genre has become today. Always being a fan of the Universal monsters, I’ve naturally been interested in also viewing some of Hammer Films’ iterations of the famous monsters, Dracula, the Wolf-man, etc. I never did, however, get a chance to check any out… until now.

Much different than [...]

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