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It’s For the Family

Pilgrim Review

Pilgrim poster

I may have things a little backwards here. Since I’m a firm believer in the saying “it’s better late than never,” I decided to squeeze a Thanksgiving-related review in here before going full-on Christmas mode. With that said, continue on to read my thoughts about Marcus Dunstan’s Pilgrim.

The Plot

In hopes of bringing her family closer, Anna has invited a group of Thanksgiving re-enactors to her home for the holiday. Never breaking character, the new guests take some [...]

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More Like a Large

Deadbeat Review


I have always been a fan of physical format media. Whether it’s CDs, DVDs, and most recently Blu-Rays, I’d rather have some form of hard copy to hold in my mitts, other than a digital download code card. With the popularity of digital media growing, however, so does that of streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. While I’ve been aware of Netflix original series for quite some time now, I had no idea that Hulu was host to some [...]

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