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Neither Am I

Proxy Review


After watching the film Grace for the first time last year, I immediately get excited about any horror film that has anything to do with babies. It could be a demon baby, a killer baby, or whatever, but I will always check it out with high hopes, even after the giant mess that was Devil’s Due. So, needless to say, as soon as I saw the poster art for Zack Parker’s film, Proxy, my interest was piqued. Sadly, [...]

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I Like to Watch

The Den Review

The Den

Once in a great while a movie comes along that just completely blows me away with its ability to resonate with the viewer and sort of cross the “4th wall” or so they call it. Zachary Donohue’s The Den is a voyeuristic nightmare of a film that crosses the line and makes you feel as if you are participating in the madness. I haven’t felt that way about a film since Funny Games; Even though most found footage films’ [...]

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The Silence Had a Voice

Haunt Review


It’s nice to see that indie filmmakers can still pull off supernatural movies just as well as, if not better than, the major studios can. I’ve seen, and loved, almost all possession, haunting, ghost movies I can get my hands on from The Exorcist to The Conjuring. Those films, like many others, brought originality and legitimate terror to the big screen and I’m glad to say that Mac Carter has done the same with his 2013 tale, Haunt. [...]

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