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Grace Review

Paul Solet’s “Grace” is far more disturbing than I had imagined. I don’t mean that it is disturbing in its use of gore or shock value, but moreso in its psychological elements that I was certainly not prepared for.

The main story of this 2009 Adam Green production is great; I love its originality and the way it plays out is very well done. The use of a real baby mixed with various shots of a fake, effects baby was executed nicely and didn’t take away from the movie one bit, which I can see happening if done incorrectly. What shocked me is the trip we are taken on, when seeing the transformation in Madeline and Vivian’s characters throughout the film. Vivian loses her son in a terrible accident and what happens to her mind afterwards is some of the most cringe-worthy stuff I’ve seen in a while. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, but I hope you understand what I mean after seeing the film yourself.

Madeline’s experience(s), although different from her mother-in-law’s, is still very hard to watch. She has to figure out how to take care of her baby who is basically mutilating her as the days pass by. I’m not a parent, but I can imagine anyone who is would do anything for their child, even if it means causing harm to themself. New to parenthood, Madeline still manages to do a damn good job of this!

The camera work by Zoran Popovic is awesome in this movie; There are plenty of scenes that feel very Fernando Argüelles-esque ala “Intruder,” which gives this film a few more points in my book.

I am sorry if this review seems a bit all over the place, but this movie will do that to you. If you want to watch something original, with a profound psychological touch to it, look no further than “Grace.”

I give it 4 vegan cookies out of 5.

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  1. Raven Hunter says:

    i fucking hated this movie. i just thought it was dumb. maybe i had high expectations cuz the trailer looked dope… but yeah, just didnt dig it.

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