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I’ll Show You Mine…

Scarecrow Review

Who would have thought that a television network that has premiered such movies as Sharknado and Ghost Shark would have a movie of this caliber up their sleeves! From great acting to a well-thought-out plot, Sheldon Wilson’s Scarecrow has everything a horror movie fanatic could ask for.

I’ve seen enough made-for-tv movies on SyFy to know that you really can’t expect much when viewing them for the first time. Thanks to last years release of Scarecrow, however, maybe things [...]

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The Air Feels Funny Tonight

The Horror at 37,000 Feet Review

With expectations of miniscule budgets and sub-par acting, it is easy to dismiss made-for-TV movies. While this certainly seems to be the case with films made for television in present times, 1973’s The Horror at 37,000 Feet proves that films released in this format can actually be worth your time.

I’ve always said that the best horror movies are those which take place in very confined areas, a small building, a train, or in this case, an airplane. On this [...]

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