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It’s Not Even Hunting Season

Hunters Review

Hunters movie review

After my introduction into the world of filmmaker Adam Ahlbrandt a couple of weeks back, I knew I had to get my hands on some more of his work. It took a bit of digging around the web and some help from some kind people in a Facebook group I belong to, but I was finally able to track down an affordable copy of his 2016 movie, Hunters.

The Plot

A group of friends set out into the woods [...]

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I Got a Giant Forest in My Pants

The Cemetery Review

The Cemetery movie review

I am lucky enough to live a simple life; My day-to-day goings-on are not very stressful and I can relax a lot of the time. Even still, it is nice to come home after a day of work and the gym to turn off my brain and throw on a horror flick that doesn’t require much thought. I got to do that tonight with Adam Ahlbrandt’s The Cemetery.

The Plot

A group of aspiring filmmakers and non-believing paranormal investigators [...]

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