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What’s a Pheromone?

The Giant Spider Review

The Giant Spider

The cheesy sci-fi flicks of the 50’s hold a special place in many of the older generations’ hearts. Unfortunately, the younger generations don’t seem to appreciate them nearly as much as they should. I have always felt I was born a decade or two late. Thus, I have a great love for the vintage films.

The art of selling your films with gimmicks and theater tricks has long since been gone; Horror films rely on slick poster art and big [...]

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I’m Not Gonna Let You Leave

Debug Review


I’d imagine that the only genre that is more difficult to make an independent film in than horror is science fiction, especially those that are set in outer space. There are many ways to mask things in horror films, covering the fact that not a lot of money has gone into a particular production. With sci-fi, I feel as though things have to be a bit more precise. The effects have to look impressive and the setting has to feel [...]

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Don’t F*ck With Time

Time Lapse Review

Time Lapse

I’m usually pretty hesitant when it comes to watching films about time travel. I’d like to think of myself as a rather intelligent person, but if you miss one little detail in a film of this nature, it can throw everything off, leaving you lost the entire time. I do, however, watch them from time to time and I do my best when trying to pick up on little hints and clues throughout, in order to stay focused. The most [...]

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Like Dog Sh*t on Toast

Strange Blood Review

Strange Blood

By now, you all know that there are certain studios that I support 100%. Every release that XLrator Media puts out, whether under their Macabre label or otherwise, I get excited about. Like a few other letdowns recently, however, the latest XLrator release is kind of a disappointment. While it had some shining moments, Chad Michael Ward’s Strange Blood was lackluster overall.

Dr. Henry Moorehouse is on the verge of finding a cure for all known illnesses, ranging from the [...]

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I Wore Long Underwear

It! The Terror From Beyond Space Review

It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Although I have not had the opportunity to watch a lot of the great sci-fi flicks of the 50’s, I am well aware of the impact they have had on the science fiction and horror genres. Thanks to Olive Films, I am now glad to say that I own one of these space flicks from yesteryear in my collection with one of their latest releases, Edward L. Cahn’s It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Believed to have killed his [...]

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Close the Door!

The Thing from Another World Review

The Thing from Another World

Most horror fans of my generation grew up loving the John Carpenter film The Thing. Its incredible cast, mounting paranoia, and utterly astounding creature effects, courtesy of Rob Bottin, made a lasting impression on our young minds. While the film pushed every boundary possible in the realm of practical effects, it is highly regarded for its psychological elements that still lead to discussions among horror fans to this day.

Truly a master of his craft, Carpenter lets the tension [...]

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Liberate Te Ex Inferis!

Event Horizon Review

Event Horizon

Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill are amongst my favorite actors. Neill for his roles in The Omen series, Jurassic Park, and In the Mouth of Madness has always stuck out as a believable portrayer of tense situations. King of New York was my introduction to Laurence Fishburne aka Jimmy Jump, and then I don’t have to tell you that you can find him or his work across the spectrum of film, play, and T.V. work. In Event Horizon, [...]

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I Hate When They do That

Vice Review


While it may not be the first action sci-fi film about a form of artificial intelligence gaining awareness and a consciousness of its own, Brian A. Miller’s Vice is certainly a solid entry in the sub-genre.

In a future world, a resort has been created which allows its occupants to live out their wildest fantasies without any real-world repercussions. When one of the artificials (Ambyr Childers) from VICE starts to become self-aware and escapes the compound, founder Julian Michaels (Bruce [...]

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