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Pure Evil

Amityville: It's About Time Review

Amityville 1992: It's About Time | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Time to hit the nostalgia sweet spot for me once again with this one.  The Amityville series is a unique one, to say the least, and this movie is no exception. Amityville 1992, another film I owned on VHS, back in the day, right before we moved towns and didn’t have cable or a close video store, so we snagged as much new cinema as we could before the move. This was one of those gems and it holds [...]

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Lots of Buttcheeks

The Bye Bye Man Video Review

The Bye Bye Man | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Rottin’ Roger takes on Stacy Title’s PG-13 horror flick, The Bye Bye Man, in his newest video review. Was it worth the watch? Click play below and find out. While you’re at it, be sure to visit the official YouTube channel here, click the thumbs up, and subscribe!


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It is Not Real

The Forest Review

The Forest | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I have waited a long time to watch The Forest because of all of the negative reviews I had been hearing/reading about it. I try not to let other people’s opinions affect mine, so I had to let the criticism die down a bit before I could really give this one a fair shot. Unfortunately, after finally viewing it, I agree with a lot of the low scores the film has received since its release. I thought there was a [...]

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He’s Very Much With Us

The Boy Review

The Boy | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Killer doll films have been around for a long time now. We’ve seen the serious side with films like the recent Annabelle and we’ve seen the more comical side with the likes of Charles Band’s wonderful creation, the Puppet Master series, among others. It amazes me that filmmakers still venture into this realm from time to time, but when done right, the payoff can be huge. That, my friends, is what we have here with William Brent Bell’s latest project, [...]

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Death is a Part of Life

Flight 7500 Review

Flight 7500 | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Every time I tell someone that I’ve never been on an airplane before, I get gasps of “how is that possible?” or “you must be joking.” No, I am not joking and it is very possible. Having never been on a plane myself, I don’t necessarily know how frightening of an experience it may be. The idea of being stuck thousands of feet above the earth with nowhere to go [but your destination, of course] holds the possibility of being [...]

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She’s Taking Minutes?

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Review

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

When Ryan and Emily find a house that’s too good to be true, it seems like they really got the deal of a life time… until Ryan and his brother, Mike, stumble upon some old VHS tapes and an impressive camera. Soon after viewing the tapes and fooling with the video equipment, Ryan and Emily’s daughter, Leila, begins talking to an imaginary friend named “Tobe.” Soon, it becomes obvious that Tobe is no friend and something very strange is going [...]

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Shouldn’t be Watching This

Sinister 2 Review

Sinister 2 | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Anyone who has been following my reviews over the years already knows that I don’t necessarily have the best memory when it comes to remembering details from any kind of story — whether it be from books, comics, film, etc, — so it should be of no surprise that I really don’t recall much of what happened in the first Sinister movie. What I do happen to remember is that I really didn’t enjoy that film and was completely underwhelmed [...]

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I Came Back

The Vatican Tapes Review

The Vatican Tapes | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

The horror genre is a strange one to be a fan of. There are plenty of sub-genres and topics that seem to be way too over-utilized, but fortunately for the fans, there are some filmmakers out there that can still breath new life into the same old stories. Mark Neveldine was able to do just that with his latest supernatural flick, The Vatican Tapes.

Angela Holmes is your average 27-year-old, but shortly after her birthday, her boyfriend Pete (John [...]

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