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Blood Glacier Review

Blood Glacier

I think it is pretty safe to say that most, if not all, filmmakers have someone they look up to. Someone that has come before them. Whether it is a director, a writer, or even a special effects artist. Some of these filmmakers then try to use inspiration in their films. I think most would agree with me that director Marvin Kren and writer Benjamin Hessler were both heavily influenced by John Carpenter and Ridley Scott, when they created their film, Blood Glacier.

A research team is studying the climate change and glacier melting in Antarctica. When investigating a climate station that’s signal has failed, they discover an unusual blood-red colored growth on the ice mounds that they believe is of organic nature. The team technician, Janek, also discovers what he believes is a rabid fox, after following his dog, Tinni, into a crevice of the red mound. Upon further investigation from the rest of the research team, it is clear that what these people have discovered is a scientific breakthrough…

Definitely influenced by movies like The Thing and Alien, Blood Glacier has some of the best creature design work I’ve seen in a while. Every creature shown on-screen is different from the last, always presenting a unique and original design to scare the pants off of us viewers.

The acting was very well done by the entire cast and I love how instead of just another creature feature or monster movie, we actually get something with more substance. There is an underlying, side story, if you will, involving technician Janek and his ex-girlfriend, Tanja, who happens to be part of the climate research team coming to meet with the rest of the scientists at the research station. This secondary storyline helps add depth to an already awesome horror film and ties in to a very surprising climax, which I had no idea was coming.

If you are a fan of science fiction films like The Thing, you definitely need to check out Blood Glacier. It is a beautiful ode to the films of late 70’s and early 80’s and you will not be disappointed. You can catch this film on VOD, currently playing.

I give Blood Glacier 4 woodlice out of 5.

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